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When you use PR Syndication for your press release distribution, your news will be issued directly to the desktops of more than 29,000 reporters and editors representing more than 17,250 media outlets nationwide. Compare distribution packages.

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Your press release is syndicated to U.S. media outlets, journalist and trade publications via top-tier newswire services. PR Syndication's single press release distribution includes a ReleaseReport™ plus optional editorial proofreading services. Get started today!

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Press Release Distribution - Bulk Pricing
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Our general distribution is a comprehensive U.S. national distribution that includes more than 30,000 journalists and editors at more than 17,500 news outlets.

Each press release will also be sent to your choice of up to three target/trade categories (consisting mainly of trade magazines) at no additional cost. With more than 100,000 opt-in journalists in our target/trade categories, we'll get your press release directly to their desk tops.

We deliver your message to the print and broadcast newsrooms, journalists, bloggers, financial portals, social media networks, websites, content syndicators and search engines that reach your target audiences.

Insurance Industry PR Distribution Advantages

In addition to our newswire distribution targeting national print, broadcast, traditional, and online media, approved news releases will be seen on the Insurance Headlines home page, featured category pages, and syndicated news feeds. Your insurance industry news can also be distributed in our weekly e-mail newsletters.  Collectively, our proprietary resources can get your insurance news out to:

  • More than 150,000  insurance and financial professionals who visit Insurance Headlines every month
  • Thousands of websites that use our news feeds to publish fresh daily content to their end users
  • More than 75,000 newsletter subscribers who view our daily and weekly newsletters

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We deliver your message to the print and broadcast newsrooms, journalists, bloggers, financial portals, social media networks, websites, content syndicators, and search engines that reach your target audiences.

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To request information regarding our press release distribution services and press release writing services, please complete this form or call us at 800-457-4160. A member of our editing staff will be happy to answer your questions and help you get started today!

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 Tips and Guidelines for Posting Your News

11 Essential Tips for an Effective Press Release

Company Sponsors & Insurance & Financial SponsorsIt is the reporter's job to seek out newsworthy items. By providing a carefully crafted press release that is of genuine interest and valuse to your audience. You are helping the press to do their job while generating brand awareness – and potentially sales – for your company. The media needs your press releases just as much as you need publicity.

Top Eleven Tips for a Successful Submission

  1. Focus on news that is relative to the insurance and financial industry
  2. Always write your press release in third person. Any first person commentary –  such as claims, testimonials, or product reviews – should only be included as a quote and attributed to an identifiable source.
  3. Begin your press release with a brief overview of the news and highlight the history and details about your company in the boilerplate. The boilerplate  should be placed at the end of a press release, and lets the press and general public know what your business has to offer.
  4. Be careful to base your press release on facts, and avoid fluff or hype. Copy that is overly boastful or self-serving – or that features unsubstantiated claims – is likely to get your press release dismissed as an attempt at free advertising. Let the reporter decide from the facts that your business is special and newsworthy.
  5. Highlight timely and new information related to current insurance and financial industry events that affect your community, state, or nation.
  6. When writing, remember who your audience is. Your audience includes potential customers, industry professionals, local media, interest groups, and journalists.
  7. Make sure your press release features something new, different, and interesting.
  8. Do not attempt to tell everything within the release. Your goal should be to provide enough information to generate interest and a follow-up inquiry from a reporter or prospect.
  9. Provide as much contact information as possible: contact name, address, phone, fax, email, website address, etc.
  10. Proofread your press release carefully, and do it more than once. Do not trust your spell-check software to do this for you. Have several individuals review your release before submitting it. Be sure to include at least one experienced editor in the review process to ensure there are no typos, grammatical errors, or potentially confusing wording.
  11. Your website should contain links to all of your press releases, listed in chronological order with the most recent news at the top. If you don't do this media may ocome to your website and pick up an old story rather than the new story that drew them there in the first place. It is wise to consider hiring a professional search engine optimized press release specialist if you are targeting an online audience.

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Powerful Writing

Be First
Get your press release issued early in the day, and get your story to the media before your competitors. Keep in mind when writing your release that it is always best to be first.

Be Unique
Your press release must be unique in order to stand out from hundreds of others. Always look for the unique aspects about your business and write about these first. Ask yourself, "What will catch the readers' attention?"

Be Focused
In order to be successful you must have a clear focus before you start writing. What is the news and how can it benefit the reader and encourage them to take immediate action? Newsworthy releases are more likely to be published. A press release that contains a clear focus or angle stands a much better chance of being read and picked up by the media.

Be Persistent
Sending just one press release is not likely to bring you a large amount of publicity. You must approach the press with the concept of providing a solution to their readers' problems. Let them know that you are the expert on this valuable information. Send that message repeatedly with different stories or news over a period of time and you will be successful.

Have a Strong Hook
The "hook" is the who, what, when, where, how, and why found in the opening paragraph. The hook must be a strong and concise summary of what your release is about, and it is a critical element to your success. You must let the editor or reporter know why your news is important to their readers.

Have an Unforgettable Headline
It is essential that your headline be attention-grabbing and unforgettable. The headline should clearly convey the value of the press release to readers. What makes a good headline? Start your search by reading headlines of news similar to yours in newspapers and magazines, and see which ones really stand out and make you want to read the article.

Powerful headlines have the following characteristics:

  • They arouse curiosity.
  • They pull you into the story.
  • They create emotional appeal.
  • They make the reader stop what they're doing to read more.
  • They promise answers to a question or solutions to a problem.
  • They promise to reveal a secret or hard-to-find information.

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10 Things to Avoid

The most common mistake is making your release sound more like an ad than actual news. While your primary goal is to sell a product or service or bring attention to your organization, you must provide news or valuable information to readers or your release will be ignored by the press.

Avoid the following ten mistakes, as they can cause your release to end up in the recycling bin:

  1. Avoid sending a release with no real news. If your story is not different, new, or unique the it's not really "news."
  2. Avoid using technical language that your audience will not understand. Your press release should be easily understood by the lay person.
  3. Avoid "fluff" and words or phrases that make your press release sound like an advertisement or excessive self promotion. Be careful not to mislead or overstate. Only use words like "exciting" or "fantastic" to describe things other than your product or business, and reserve those types of subjective opinions for quotes. Let journalists come to their own conclusion that your product is amazing based on the facts that you have presented.
  4. Avoid commenting on or providing information that is old and no longer "news."
  5. Avoid writing press releases that are too long and cumbersome. Your release should only be one or a maximum of two pages.
  6. Avoid providing insufficient or wrong information. It is very important that your release is complete, accurate and specific. If you are hosting an event, make sure you include all necessary dates and locations. If it is an ongoing event, let people know.
  7. Avoid sending your release too late. Your release must be sent at least two weeks before an event for newsletters. Send releases at least four months in advance for major industry magazines.
  8. Avoid omitting a contact name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and web site URL. You must let editors know who to call if they have questions.
  9. Avoid subjects or headlines that are boring or confusing. Editors must be able to figure out from the headline why readers should care about what you have to say. Look at the headlines in magazines and newspapers to get ideas.
  10. Avoid press releases that are obviously prejudiced or negative about another person or company. Even if you have all the facts and evidence to support your negative claim against another, it is still a bad idea. This type of letter belongs in the editorial section of a newspaper and not in a press release.

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