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Health insurance premiums expected to rise in 2018

Watched 1962 times went live on Wednesday allowing people to start comparing plans a week before open enrollment begins. So we took the time to get your health care questions answered.

2018 Health Insurance - what you need to know- 6 important FAQ with answers

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This video is about health insurance for next year 2018- what to expect. By watching this video, you should be able to answer some of your questions like: -what will happen to Obamacare in 2018?-is the penalty still in force for next year? - when should I enroll in health insurance or when is the open enrollment for 2018?-can I still receive the subsidies in 2018? - where and how do I get a subsidy? I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Long Term Care: Huge Shortage of Long Term Care Workers Getting Worse!

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Huge Shortage of Long Term Care Workers Getting Worse!I`m Romeo Raabe the Long Term Care Guy and here to help you protect your money!Check out my Blog for helpful tips:

Self Employed & Health Insurance for 2018 What To Know

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Self-Employed and Health Insurance. What to know for 2018. Dr. Taffy explains for those who are self-employed what to look for and how to prepare for the upcoming enrollment period. http://twagner.savewithdiscounthealthcare

What would Trump"e;s new health care order mean for you?

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Dr. Marc Siegel breaks down the president"e;s executive order to expand health insurance options.